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NORTHDIP Basic cold pool

NORTHDIP Basic cold pool

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We give the pool free worldwide shipping, a 90-day free return policy and a 1-year warranty.

The NORTHDIP Basic cold pool is an indoor and outdoor all-rounder. It is suitable for continuous use and is also portable. You can store the pool between uses or take it with you on your travels, for example. Assembling the cold pool only takes about 15 minutes. E crossed layer, keeps the water temperature constant. According to research, the water is cold enough for ice baths below 15 °C. So you can fill the pool with cold 5 °C tap water and enjoy the health benefits of ice baths. So you don't have to use ice to cool the water. With the help of the Northdip Basic k cold pool, dipping into the cold has never been so easy and fast.

Size: 350 liters, height 75cm, width 80cm.

Ready. set. ICE!

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    • Our coolest product!
    • Free postage.
    • Free returns for 90 days.
    • One year warranty.
    • The Northdip cold pool has been developed for enjoying ice baths at home, in a cottage or for example in connection with a hobby.
    • A light and portable cold pool.
    • Quick and easy to assemble, only takes about 15 minutes.
    • The cold pool has a 3-layer TPE insulation.
    • You can install a pool indoors in your home, in a warehouse or in your yard.
    • Fill the pool with cold tap water and start taking ice baths effortlessly at home.
    • If you wish, you can empty the pool and store it for the next use.
    • Ready. set. ICE!


    • 3 x thermally insulated TPE layer.
    • Outer layer of polyester fabric.
    • Inner layer UV-resistant skin-friendly PVC.
    • Thermal protection keeps the water temperature constant.
    • Diameter 80 cm.
    • Height 75cm
    • Volume 320 liters.
    • Weight empty 3.5 kg.

    What does the sales package contain?

    • 1x NORTHDIP cold pool.
    • 1x plastic cover.
    • 1x fabric cover.
    • 1x carrying bag.
    • 6x support legs.
    • 1x hand pump.
    • 1x drain hose.
    • 1x patch mark.
    • 1x user manual.

    How long are we in the ice bath?

    Just one time, ice boiling raises the mood, releases dopamine, improves blood circulation, accelerates recovery and lowers inflammation. Regular ice baths achieve the most effective long-term health benefits.

    According to the latest research, ice cubes are recommended for at least 11 minutes per week.

    The ice bath should last 30 seconds to 4 minutes at a time.

    What factors affect the recommended duration of the ice bath:

    • whether you are a beginner or an experienced hobbyist
    • water temperature
    • what kind of effects you want from cold water
    • your state of health

    For a beginner, even a 30-second ice bath in 3–5 degree water brings the benefits of cold exposure. If you are a more experienced ice bath enthusiast, you can increase its duration according to your own estimation.

    Examples of water temperature in proportion to the duration of the ice bath exercise:

    1°C = 1-2 minutes

    3 °C = 2-3 minutes

    5 °C = 3-4 minutes

    Toimitus ja palautus.

    Toimitus: verkkosivuilla esitetty ilmainen toimitus, koskee ainoastaan Northdip Basic kylmäallasta ja Suomen sisäisiä toimituksia.

    Tarjoamme ilmaisen toimituksen Suomessa verkkokaupasta ostetuille Northdip Basic kylmäaltaille.


    Huomioithan, altaat ovat hygieniatuotteita -> avattu myyntipakkaus on ostopäätös.

    Myyntipakkauksesta avattuun altaaseen jää painaumia ja/tai laskoksia, kun se avataan ja pakataan uudelleen tiiviisti myyntipakkaukseensa takaisin.

    Palautusoikeus on 14 päivää. Palautusaika lasketaan tuotteen vastaanottamisen hetkestä.

    Jos haluat palauttaa tuotteen, ota yhteys asiakaspalveluumme, josta saat ohjeet palautustasi varten.

    Asiakas maksaa palautuksesta aiheutuneet postimaksut.

    Mikäli tuotteen myyntipakkaus on avattu ja/tai tuote ei ole uudenveroisessa kunnossa, pidätämme oikeuden palautusoikeuteen.

    Väärin palautetusta tuotteesta veloitamme asiakkaalta tuotteen sekä toimituksen kustannukset.

    Miksi toimimme näin? Haluamme varmistua, että jokainen asiakkaamme saa uudenveroisen ja käyttämättömän tuotteen itselleen.

    Lue lisää kohdasta: Yritys -> Vaihto ja palautus.

    What is the 1-year warranty for the NORTHDIP cold pool?

    We are proud of our products. Products purchased from the online store have a 1-year factory warranty if the product has been used according to the instructions. The 1-year factory warranty covers construction or leakage defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to check the product.

    If you notice a defect in the product within a year, contact our customer service via the "contact us" link, where you will receive personal instructions for making a complaint.

    Read more at the " warranty " link.