Our obsession with ice baths.

Where did it all start? Corona changed our exercise habits. In addition to enjoying nature, I became interested in ice baths inspired by my circle of friends. With our organized swimming team. GO TEAM!! We drifted several times to take a dip in the natural waters. Yes! Even in the middle of winter, in icy water, without a sauna, changing room or other protection. And oh, how alive I felt after these challenging but so restorative outings.

In Finland, taking a dip in cold water is called open swimming. The word "Avanto" means an "opening" made in the ice. As a northern country, we have long traditions of cold swimming, as well as saunas. They are part of our Finnish culture. I guess we are a "crazy" people in a good way.

I soon found myself craving the ice bath more and more. I dreamed of the feeling that takes over the mind and body after an ice bath. After the cold swim, I felt the feel-good chemicals rush into my body. My mind was clear and positive. The stress was in his way.

I live in Helsinki, which is a beach city in Finland. Despite this, making an ice bath a daily routine required moving at least an hour to a place where cold swimming was possible. I was wondering how it would be possible to practice taking a dip in icy water every day in my busy everyday life?

I searched the market for a long time for a cold pool for my yard. To my dismay, I found out that the cold pools were expensive, big and they didn't fit in my home. NORTHDIP was finally born from this interesting and addictive hobby.

I totally freaked out. I got to know the sport, its requirements, equipment and also researched information. I realized that I could also share my knowledge for the joy and benefit of others. I warmly welcome all my fellow bathers to the wonderful world of ice baths. Be in touch!

Ready. set. ICE!