Is it stressful, distressing, depressing? Do you sleep badly or too little?

A Western and busy lifestyle, peak years, the demands of society and everyday life, and illnesses can cause stress, anxiety and depression. They significantly affect an individual's ability to function and quality of life. A busy lifestyle often also affects night sleep negatively.

According to research, short ice baths lasting 30 seconds to 4 minutes have many positive and comprehensive changes in the body, which help with depression, stress, anxiety and even sleep problems.

It is possible to combine regular ice baths with your busy everyday life, because it only takes a couple of minutes per training session. How about trying an ice bath in the morning? An ice bath in the morning boosts your mind to an iron condition, which makes it easier to navigate the demands of the day. Good energy for the day and difficult things can be done without gritting your teeth!

Or would you take an ice bath in the evening to strengthen your sleep? You decide! We bring cold pools and equipment to your home so that your ice bath is as quick and effortless as possible in your everyday life. You get the best results with regular quick ice baths.

An ice bath is a natural way to add mental health to your everyday life. Why not try it today?

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Ready. set. ICE!

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