Yleisimmät syyt, miksi vältellä jääkylpyjä!

The most common reasons to avoid ice baths!

Let's be honest! An ice bath is definitely not always fun. Or should I even say that it's never fun. It sounds like such a wild hobby for a beginner. What about those benefits and that feeling after an ice bath? Because of the health benefits and the state of being after an ice bath, more and more of us are finding our way to an ice bath. Some even daily! I'm probably talking about all of us when I say that at least (almost) every time the brain sends a message when going into an ice bath: "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!! THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!?!".

But, as in many things that benefit health, such as: going to bed on time, eating a salad instead of a portion of pasta, exercising daily - it is quite common for the brain to send the message "what if we didn't do it today" or "you've been so hard today that today we can skip exercise and a healthy diet".

Cold therapy and ice baths are still a subject of many beliefs and even fears. Is it safe, how long should you stay in an ice bath and why would it make any sense at all to go to an ice bath in the morning or when going to bed. The following discusses the most common arguments why it would be wise to avoid ice baths.

Why should you enjoy ice baths and even regularly?

We challenge you to try an ice bath! Just one time in an ice bath activates the so-called "happiness" mediators serotonin and dopamine in your brain to be released more effectively. This is associated with a feeling of well-being after an ice bath.

However, the most effective response to your health and mood is regular exercise. Most medicines or, for example, a fitness program or diet do not work with a one-time strategy. In order to get health benefits, it is often necessary to take a long-term and regular approach to things that promote health.

According to research, a short dip once in a while and regularly has many benefits for the body and mind. Thanks to them, it is possible to achieve physical, psychological and emotional benefits, such as:

Enhancing recovery: Ice baths speed up recovery after strenuous exercise or sports performances and help reduce muscle fatigue.

Reduction of muscle and joint pain: An ice bath helps reduce muscle and joint pain, inflammation and swelling after injuries.

Improving the quality of sleep: An ice bath helps to relax and promotes better sleep quality.

Improving mental health: Ice baths have been found to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can also improve mood and overall well-being.

Strengthening the immune system: Regular ice baths can improve the immune response and increase resistance to diseases.

Increase in energy level: An ice bath can increase the energy level and give an invigorating effect on the body and mind.

Improved metabolism: Ice baths have been found to promote fat burning and metabolism.

Does the ice bath also work for me?

Although everyone's experience may be different, there is sufficient scientific evidence for the effectiveness of ice baths, which has shown a wide range of physical and mental benefits. These include improving blood circulation and immune response, promoting weight loss, and improving mental health.

According to research, ice baths should be most effective when exposure to cold takes place in the temperature range of 15°C to 0°C and lasts from 30 seconds to a maximum of 4 minutes at a time. Cold water immersion treatment (CWI) has been used for centuries as a natural form of treatment and it is still used in, for example, Japan, Europe and the Nordic countries.

The power of ice baths is boosted for no reason!

This view is based on the fact that there are other recovery techniques that can restore the body and mind. Ice baths are known, for example, among athletes, because they reduce muscle pain and repair muscle and tissue damage. However, yoga, walking or massage can also promote recovery. However, compared to the previous forms of treatment, the ice bath is a fast, effective and comprehensive treatment method. Cold water therapy is a unique and versatile form of treatment that has a comprehensive and natural effect on our body and mind.

I'm not a professional athlete, so why would I take an ice bath?

You often hear it argued that ice baths are only for professional athletes. However, athletes who train hard put more stress on their muscles and joints, so it's not surprising that they often resort to various forms of treatment to get quick and effective relief, such as ice baths. This assumption has led many to believe that cold water therapy is only necessary for professional athletes. However, the truth is that exercisers can also damage their muscles and tissues as a result of rigorous training, just like professional athletes. Daily exercisers may even be at a higher risk of injury, because, for example, warm-up or muscle maintenance may not be paid as much attention as recommended. Research shows that the beneficial effects associated with cold water therapy in alleviating post-exercise symptoms are not limited to professional athletes, but apply to everyone.

Do ice baths only reduce the risk of injuries and enhance recovery?

Ice baths are not only a form of treatment used for injuries or recovery. Research results show that cold therapy can also have positive effects on chronic physical ailments, pain conditions, long-term illnesses, psychological problems and emotional needs. For example, an ice bath has been found to reduce depression, anxiety and stress, while creating overall well-being. Ice baths can also help improve presence of mind, develop mental strength and promote brain function.

An ice bath is dangerous and scary!

  • Doubts are associated with ice baths, such as:
  • ice baths are dangerous
  • if I go into cold open water, I can drown
  • I feel bad from the ice bath and my illness worsens in the ice bath
  • an ice bath is not for me

The most important thing is to approach the ice bath in the right way, so that fear and hesitation can be controlled. Experts recommend mild cold temperatures for beginners. After this, the temperature can be gradually lowered with the following baths. According to research, it is possible to get the benefits of cold treatment from water below 15 degrees. The body gets used to the temperatures over time, when the ice bath becomes a more familiar and regular part of everyday life. The Northdip Basic cold pool has been developed specifically to make ice baths safe, quick and easy to do at home. It lowers the threshold to try an ice bath and, on the other hand, it also makes it easier to make exercise a regular part of your everyday life.

Once you learn how to go into the ice bath regularly, you'll soon find that the initial shock quickly wears off. Many even experience a meditative moment in the ice bath, when they allow their breathing to return to a normal level. Many people say that they focus on the environment in the ice bath, for example, instead of letting fearful thoughts take over, how cold water feels in the body. Trust that your body will adapt to this new experience and soon you will be looking forward to your daily ice baths, because of the euphoric state it brings. Going to an ice bath often seems like an unmotivating and even crazy idea. But the feeling afterwards is rewarding.

It is also important to recognize your own limits. More sensitive individuals or those with heart disease or other health problems may need to be extra careful with ice baths. It is always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before using ice baths.

Don't let fear stop you from trying ice baths. By following safe guidelines, you can achieve a beneficial and positive bathing experience. Take a step towards better well-being and let your body enjoy the health benefits of ice baths.

An ice bath is difficult to implement!

Taking an ice bath is not much different from a regular warm bath that you can take at home. In fact, it's even easier and only requires a few simple steps.

First of all, easily order a Northdip Basic cold pool for your home from the northdip.com online store.

Assembling the Northdip Basic cold pool will only take you about 10 minutes. Fill the pool with cold water and the ice bath is ready.

In the future, when the ice bath is ready in the yard, in a cold warehouse or in some indoor spaces, going to the ice bath is quick and one training session is quickly completed. You lift the lid and go into the ice bath. If necessary, you add cold water or ice to the pool, if you want to cool the water temperature. The benefits of an ice bath start to feel in your body and mind right from the first time. Relax, recharge and let the cold water affect your body and mind.

However, remember that the length of the ice bath does not have to be long. According to research, the most optimal time for an ice bath is 30 seconds to 4 minutes. So don't let the thought of difficulty or awkwardness stop you from trying an ice bath. It's quick, easy and rewarding. Give yourself the opportunity to experience its refreshing effect and enjoy the increase in well-being in your body and mind.

Encouraged. Try it. And share your experiences for the ICE community #northdip

An ice bath is a holistic form of treatment that can bring relief to many different physical and mental challenges. Be encouraged and start ice baths, for example by committing to them for a month 3 times a week. Remember that according to research, you can achieve health benefits with just a 30-second dip. One treatment session is therefore not long and it is quite easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. When you get a cold pool for your home, a cold dip in the morning or evening is done in five minutes! You will feel the positive effects of the ice bath, already the first time. Tell us using the #northdip tag how you experienced the ice baths and what kind of benefits you noticed. We want to bring the benefits of ice baths to the daily lives of more and more users, and therefore we encourage you to share the good news!

Ready. set. ICE!

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