Northdip kylmäallas vs markkinat?

Northdip cold pool vs market?

In Western countries, the cold pool market has expanded significantly in the 21st century, when more and more people are interested in utilizing the health benefits of cold exposure in their own homes.

The cold pool market in Western countries has experienced significant growth as people's awareness of the health benefits has increased. Research and media attention have also increased public interest in cold exposure. This has led to a greater demand for cold pools and the growth of the industry. In the past, cold pools were available mainly as devices aimed at the use of health professionals. Nowadays, cold pools intended for home use have become more common, and the selection has different models and price ranges.

In the lower price category, between about 200 and 1000 euros, you can find portable and compact cold pools. These models are usually made of plastic reinforced with textiles. They are easy to use and offer the basic functions to utilize cold exposure. Portable cold pools do not have separate electrified water cooling equipment. The water in the pools is kept cold by adding cold water, ice or, for example, cold storage units from freezing temperatures. In cold countries, cold pools stay cool or cold outside or in cold storage, of course also by themselves. The benefits of cold treatment begin to accrue if the water is below 15 degrees. The cold water from the tap is generally around 5 degrees. The Northdip Basic cold pool is a portable, light cold pool that can be installed inside, outside or taken with you on trips, for example. Many of our customers start their ice bathing hobby with this Northdip basic level cold pool and stick with it in the future because it does its job quite well.

Cold pools in the higher price category, around 1000-5000 euros, can often be cooled with electricity. These models may include, for example, cooling systems and automatic adjustment functions. Their materials and designs are often fixed. A space must be reserved for them, where the cold pool can be permanently located and it is possible to run electricity to it.

In addition, there are also more expensive cold pools that can cost around 5,000-20,000 euros. These models offer many features such as intelligent control systems and size classes. They are designed especially for demanding users, such as athletes, health professionals or companies.

You also have to take into account DIY (do-it-yourself) cold pools, which are often used for example in chest freezers.

The ice bath trend is here to stay! Consumers are more aware of the health effects of cold therapy and want to use them in their own lives. Join us in the wonderful world of ice baths!

Ready. set. ICE!

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