Mitkä asiat vaikuttavat jääkylvyn suositeltuun kestoon?

What factors affect the recommended duration of the ice bath?

Ice baths have become popular as a health-promoting exercise. They offer many benefits such as improving circulation, speeding up recovery and reducing inflammation. In order to get the most out of an ice bath, it is important to consider several factors that affect the recommended ice bath duration.

Beginner or experienced hobbyist:

The duration of the ice bath depends on whether you are just starting out or an experienced ice bath enthusiast. Beginners should take shorter baths at first and gradually increase the duration as the body gets used to the cold water. Even a 30-second ice bath in 5-degree water can bring benefits to a beginner from cold exposure. More experienced enthusiasts can extend the duration of ice baths according to their own estimation, from one minute to 10 minutes. It is important to listen to your body's messages and make sure you are safe. Too long ice baths are not recommended, as they can have a harmful effect on health.

Water temperature:

The power and duration of the ice bath also depend on the temperature of the water in the ice bath. In general, the colder the water, the shorter the duration of the bath should be. The following are examples of the relationship between water temperature and ice bath duration:

1 °C: 30 seconds to 2 minutes

3 °C: 1-3 minutes

5 °C: 1-5 minutes

It is important to note that these are indicative times only, and individual differences may affect the duration of baths. Increasing or decreasing the time depending on the water temperature can help you find a suitable duration for ice baths.

Desired effects:

Each ice plowing enthusiast may have slightly different goals and expectations for cold water. Some want a quick boost and mood boost, while others focus on recovery and reducing inflammation. Based on the desired effects, you can adjust the duration of the ice bath. For example, a shorter bath may be sufficient if your goal is to lift your mood, while a longer bath may provide a deeper restorative effect.


The individual's health can affect the recommended duration of the ice bath. If you have underlying diseases or health problems, it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before starting ice baths. A doctor can offer more detailed advice on duration and safety, taking into account individual health issues.

Overall, the recommended duration of an ice bath depends on many factors, such as experience level, water temperature, desired effects and health status. It is important to listen to your body, do the exercise safely and adjust the duration according to your needs and level. Also remember to give your body enough time to recover after the ice bath and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Ready. set. ICE!

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