Jääkylvyn ja kylmän suihkun erot?

The differences between an ice bath and a cold shower?

An ice bath and a cold shower are two popular ways to expose the body to cold and take advantage of the health effects of cold therapy. Although both methods are based on the utilization of cold, there are differences between them. In this blog post, we take a closer look at these differences and how they can affect the body.

Sphere of influence:

In an ice bath, the body is completely immersed in cold water, preferably up to the neck. This allows a larger surface area to be exposed to the cold. Cold water comes into contact with a larger area, which can help cool the body faster and achieve health benefits. A cold shower, on the other hand, usually targets a specific area of ​​the body and the effect of cold water is limited.

Hydrostatic pressure:

One factor affecting the effectiveness of an ice bath is its hydrostatic pressure. The water pressure helps the cold penetrate deeper into the body and soft tissues, which enhances the effect of the cold treatment. This can promote the effectiveness of the effects of the cold treatment and speed up the recovery process. A cold shower does not provide the same hydrostatic pressure compared to an ice bath.

Overall exposure:

An ice bath offers comprehensive exposure to the cold. The whole body receives cold water at the same time, which can promote a balanced and comprehensive effect of the cold treatment. A cold shower, on the other hand, usually focuses on a specific area, which can limit the scope of its effects.

How does the cold feel:

A cold shower may feel more cold than an ice bath. The cold water from the shower hits the skin in places and it can cause unpleasant sensations. This feeling can be challenging to tolerate at first, but the body will get used to it over time. In an ice bath, on the other hand, the water covers the surface of the body more evenly and calmly, which can make it easier to be in the cold water.

Although an ice bath and a cold shower differ in their effects and effectiveness, both offer health benefits. However, an ice bath is a more effective cold treatment method than a shower. In it, the whole body is exposed to cold from a large area at the same time, and the hydrostatic pressure of the water acts as an enhancer, pushing the cold effectively deep into the soft tissues of the body. The positive effects of cold therapy can include, for example, speeding up recovery, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation and increasing energy levels. The choice between an ice bath and a cold shower can depend on personal preferences, practical possibilities and the goals you want to achieve with the cold treatment. Try one of the cold treatment methods yourself and find out what kind of positive changes you notice in your everyday life.

Ready. set. ICE!

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