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  • "My sports profession and recovery is important to me. At home, a cold pool enables quick recovery. Body and mind thank you!"

  • "I suffered from sleep problems. I started ice baths in the evenings. I quickly noticed that falling asleep became easier and my sleep deepened. A big recommendation!”

  • "I have degenerative MS. The cold helps my symptoms. I take an ice bath at home every day because now it's possible. Thank you!"

  • "The rush years are stressful and the constant rush! I have received great help from morning ice baths. The rush continues, but it's easier to bear!


Start with the pool. A good life springs from a healthy body. From us, you get equipment for your home, which helps you get in top shape. Quickly. Easily. At your home.

Take cover.

Take care of yourself. Taking care of your mind and body should feel good. Protect the most sensitive parts of your body with neoprene gloves and footwear designed for ice baths. Ready. set. ICE!


Let's be honest - not everyone likes cold water. We will change this! When you feel great, you want to keep feeling that way. The cold becomes your best friend. #hateitbutloveit


Are you ready to breathe like Wim Hof? The NORTHDIP Online training world offers exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime. Cold treatment will never be the same again! Northdip. Healing recovery.


We make the world's best equipment for ice baths! The North is known for its coldness. We use what we do best. Northdip. From Finland. For you.

  • Durable quality.

    Our products are durable and long-lasting.

  • Fast mail.

    We think everyone has a right to ice baths.

  • Loved.

    Try our products and you will see why.

  • Pool = tree.

    Let's protect Arctic ice together!

Are you ready to heal and recover?